car-diagnoticsMany a time, you can come across an issue with your car that you can have trouble figuring out. In such cases, you have to head over to your nearest car garage for a prompt solution.

Thanks to the presence of onboard diagnostics (OBD), technicians can get to the root of the problem within minutes.

What is OBD?

In simple terms, OBD consists of the engine control unit (ECU) fitted with various actuators and sensors all over your car. These send information to the ECU regarding their performance.

Technicians connect a scanner to the diagnostic link connector (DLC) of the OBD during car diagnostic in Sleaford. The scanner shows diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) that help car garages determine the problem.

When to opt for a car diagnostic service?

Some of the car symptoms that call for a diagnostic service include:

  1. Increased fuel consumption

If you feel like your vehicle is consuming more fuel, then it’s better to take it to the nearest garage. Low fuel economy can indicate improper servicing. Or, it can also be caused by a severe underlying problem that only a car diagnostic in Sleaford can find.

For example, faults in your car’s exhaust system can cause the same. An exhaust leak can lower your vehicle’s mileage.

  1. Problems starting your car

Car starting problems are a classic case, and you don’t want to ignore them.

A number of reasons can cause this issue. A dead or dying car battery is the first suspect. If you are experiencing this problem along with dim lights, then the problem lies with the battery.

However, batteries alone are not responsible for this issue. Diagnosing car starting problems can be an inconvenience in itself. Faulty fuel injectors and spark plugs can be at fault as well.

You need the help of professional car garages like Roberts Tyres in such cases. Along with engine diagnostic in Sleaford, they also provide other services like wheel alignment, exhaust repairs, MOT tests, etc.

  1. Low power and acceleration

You might be pressing the throttle hard but not getting the acceleration that you once received. If this is the case, then you also need car diagnostic services.

Several problems can cause low power and acceleration. One of the best examples is an exhaust leak. Other faults can also lead to this issue, calling for car diagnostic in Sleaford.

  1. Smoke from the exhaust

Taking your vehicle to a car garage is a no-brainer when you see smoke coming out of your tailpipe. Not only exhaust damage but several other faults can cause this issue like a faulty air filter, malfunctioning sensor, damaged fuel injectors, etc.

  1. Weird noises

It is advisable to avail professional help the moment you come across unusual or weird noises. You may hear a knocking sound from the engine, sizzling or hissing sound under the hood, a squealing or scraping sound when braking, etc.

Whatever the noise, seek help as soon as possible.

Opt for a Car Diagnostic in Sleaford as soon as you come across any of these problems mentioned above. Make sure to choose the right garage that provides rapid resolution.