car tyres5Buying car tyres is easy today, isn’t it?

Let’s say you purchased a new sedan in the UK, and you require spare a set of spare tyres! Well, you can easily order online or go to any genuine car garage like Roberts Tyres Sleaford or others for your new ones.

However, no matter all the reputed brands you pick, like Bridgestone, Michelin or Avon, you can’t keep your car safe unless it’s got the right ‘sized’ tyre!

In fact, check out these consequences to of having a wrong sized tyre –

  1. Poor Mileage!

When you’re selecting a reputed brand like Michelin or Pirelli, most of their tyres are well celebrated for offering exceptional mileage. However, if you pick a wrong sized tyre, it can affect fuel economy.

Well, here’s an example: say, you like big tyres because they appeal to you aesthetically. So, you picked a larger one while shopping for your car tyres in Sleaford. However, now in just a few weeks, you have to top up your tank frequently.

Well, that’s because big tyres can slow down the readings on the speedometer and your car may speed unstably leading to more torque and bad mileage.

  1. Braking Issues!

You may have been looking for a particular tyre, and not getting it, you order a slightly different sized one?

Well, halt there! Wrong tyres are equivalent to lack of roadside safety!

According to automobile experts, the size of the tyre determines it’s rotation at different speeds. So when you equip wrong-sized ones, your wheel speed detection systems can falter. As a result, your brakes can be thrown off-balance, and it can have a severe impact on safety, like a car not being able to brake on time!

So, always check with your mechanic, and pick the correct size, while purchasing tyres Sleaford or adjacent areas!

  1. Crashes & Blow-Outs!

As the size affects the speedometer, it’s not much of a surprise. Sometimes, drivers don’t even notice their car speeding due to the wrong readings on the speedometer.

The consequences-

  • More torque is leading to the faster wearing of the tyre.
  • Lack of gripping and failed brakes
  • Unstable ride is leading to crashes.

So, you see, it’s absolutely vital to pick the right tyre size. On this account, here is a tip to pick the right sized one when you’re planning to buy car tyres in Sleaford.

Check the tyre measurements. Read the placard on the driver’s side door jamb of your vehicle or consult your user’s manual. Here’s an example of how the label will look – 215/60R16 94T.

The first portion refers to the width, size & diameter. The 94 at the bottom, signifies approximately how much weight your vehicle can support. Lastly, the T signifies your car’s maximum speed in respect to its load.

So, match your requirements before you plan to shop for your car tyres in Sleaford. If you face problems deciphering the code, consult your tyre manufacturers or car garage. Good luck!