Being Dynamic and Innovative, Kumho Tyres is the One for the Future

Most of you around the world are probably familiar with the name Nexen. But, only a handful of car enthusiasts are familiar with the name Kumho, despite the fact that along with Hankook, these three are fierce rivals.

This tyre manufacturing company have their origin in South Korea, a small nation in Asia. Needless to say, its affinity with Japan has influenced it in becoming yet another powerhouse in the automotive sector. However, this opinion is highly debatable and entirely up to you to decide.

One thing is for sure that this trio has created a ‘bright lake’ (meaning of Kumho) amidst the often war-torn valleys of the Korean peninsula. Wouldn’t you agree?

Ever since its inception in the 1960s, they have made it a practice to innovate and reinvent them continually to catch up with the big shots like Continental, Bridgestone and Pirelli.

To achieve this, they ensure that you get car tyres in Sleaford, or in any other part of the UK that is genuine and technologically advanced.

So, Let’s Have A Look At The Technology They Use

Did you know that Kumho makes tyres that pass F1 grade tests with relative ease? And even more impressive, did you know that they produce tyres For Boeing aircraft that are approved by none other than NASA?

These are no ordinary feats to achieve especially when an organisation is only 30 years old. Hopefully, most of you will at least acknowledge this fact!

All this talk about car tyre technology must surely be making you eager about what goes on behind the scenes. So, here are some examples of their technological ingenuity that they use (for your benefit!):

  • It can handle 50 mph of speed even when there is no air left in your wheels. This unique Run-Flat Technology developed by them has all the big names running for their money.

  • If you are an adventure seeker, then this tyre might very well become your best friend. The sheer speed it offers is a class of its own.

And yes, the speed they offer, provided you use them, is 360 Km/hr. The technology they use to facilitate this astonishing speed has been aptly named – Extreme Technology.

Not to mention such high-end innovations demands a certain level of R&D. So, let’s shift our focus to their research prowess.

Research and Development

Being a global organisation, it has successfully built multiple R&D centres across the world including the USA, China, Germany, England, and of course South Korea (How else do you think a tyre manufacturing company come up with ideas every year?Duh!). Once again impressive for an organisation that is still in its ‘adolescence’.

But, what is the use of this technological advancements and research if you are not able to draw any sponsorship and endorsement contracts. So, let’s shift our focus to their marketing strategies.


  • All you Man U fans out there; thisone is especially for you. Kumho is a Platinum Partner for Manchester United and is also an official sponsor for the club as well.

  • It is the official partner of the European Formula 3 Racing Championship.

  • Kumho is also a proud sponsor of the La Liga, the premier Spanish football championships.

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