You Will Thank Us - 10 Pre-Holiday Checks You Need To Know

Planning to go on a long holiday trip in your car? Here are few quick and simple checks you must do of your vehicle to ensure that unforeseen car issues do not disrupt your holiday wheels.

1. Check Oil and Water

Modern cars do not consume as much oil as they did a few years back. They don t overheat much either. It is safe to surmise from these facts that you may not have checked the water and oil levels in your car recently. Park your vehicle on the flat surface and make sure your engine is cooled down before you check the oil and water levels. In case you need to add water, we recommend adding antifreeze to it, especially if you are travelling during winter.

2. Check Brake and Windscreen Washer Fluids

Take a look at the levels of the brake as well as washer fluids to check if they are at their maximum mark. If you need to re-fill these fluids or if there is any sign of leakage, take your vehicle to the nearest garage before you set off on your holidays.

3. Check Light Bulbs

Make sure all the lights of your vehicles are clean and working properly. You must check the headlights (full and dipped beam), brake lights, hazard lights, rear lights, side lights, four indicators, and the number plate light. If you are planning to take the trip to Europe, you must carry spare bulbs as well to adhere to their driving regulations.

4. Check Number Plates

Your number plate must be clearly readable and free of any dirt and grime. Automatic vehicle recognition system on the toll roads use your car s number plates to verify identity.

5. Check Wiper Blades

Imagine finding out that the wiper blades are leaving smear marks on the windscreen while you have driven halfway towards your destination; with no replacement. Driving with such blades is neither fun or safe driving experience. So make sure the wiper blades are not worn out or cracking before you leave.

6. Check for Weight

Lighten up the interior and the boot by removing the items that will be unnecessary in your trip. The weight the car endures will significantly affect its fuel efficiency. Why waste all the holiday money on excessive fuel?

7. Check Breakdown Cover

Read through the breakdown cover and make sure it adequately covers your vehicle if you are holidaying overseas.

8. Check Wheels and Tyres

Check the wheels and tyres for any sign of damages, wear-and-tear, and punctures. The tread depth of the tyre must be above the legal limit of 1.6mm at least, preferably at 3mm depth. All the tyres must be adequately inflated at proper tyre pressure. If you are unsure about the damages, tread depth or the tyre pressure, get it inspected at the garage immediately. For comprehensive inspection and servicing of Tyres Leasingham motorists must go to Roberts Tyres Garage based in Sleaford.

9. Check Equipment

Before you head off to another country, go through their rules regarding the equipment motorists must carry in their car. For instance, France demands the car drivers to carry a warning triangle, breathalysers, reflective jacket for each member in the vehicle, and a GB sticker.

10. Check Fuel

Make sure you fill up your gas tank at the local service station. The stations on the motorway usually overcharge, especially during the holiday season. Do you have more holiday pre-checks in mind? Let us know in the comments below. Moreover, if you found this information helpful, you may thank us for it by spreading the word and sharing it with your friends and loved ones.