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Tyre Manufacturers - DEESTONE Tyres

From last 35 years, Deestone tyre manufacturing unit has a strong presence in the tyre industry with their quality of tyres. Originated from Thailand, Deestone tyres are today globally accessible and export their tyres to almost all the major Continents. Their primary expertise was to produce tyres for

  • ATVs
  • UTVs Quads
  • Trailers
  • Agricultural and industrial applications etc.

Though they started out in 1978 as a single small factory, presently they are operating five leading and modern production plants. They have invested heavily in their production plant and research and development processes. But in recent years, they have immensely grown and have started serving the society with the budgeted passenger car tyres and light truck tyres too. They manufacture tyres using the state of the art technology and believe in putting innovative ideas into actions, which we can apparently see in their products and services. They give good value with good quality for tyres. With the widest range of tyres, 50 % tyres from their production are being destined to the leading countries like USA, Taiwan, UK, Canada, France, Singapore, etc.

Roberts tyres are proud to be the supplier of such esteem tyre brand at rock bottom prices. We offer affordable tyres for the following segments:

  • Passenger cars and light trucks
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • SUVs
  • Motorcycles
  • OTR tyres etc. in various sizes and patterns.

Deestone D256 is their signature passenger tyre, widely in demand is manufactured by keeping in mind the driver’s needs. It offers the boundless comfort, handling and control while driving on the roads irrespective of the road condition or terrain. Technology that is seen in the market today is used in these tyres that enable them to compete with other leading tyre brands. Whereas the D269 is a perfect tyre for the highway that is different yet affordable for all blocks of the drivers. These are the tyres that can be counted on for regular quality and stability. When it comes to exceptional stability and lower rolling resistances, we have The Deestone D100-HWY with the longest and durable wear.

You are at the right place for shopping for the Deestone tyres at reasonable prices than any other retailer in the town.