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Delinte Tyres

Delinte: Best tyres for any weather condition

Delinte is a part of the famous company named Sentaida Group. Sentaida was established in the year 2008 in Qingdao, China. Over the 80 years of research and development, the manufacturing of the product is roaring out of the country to the global world. More than 150 countries are regionally targeted to accomplish the sales of the product. The two famous brands of Sentaida Tyre manufacturing company is Landsail and Delinte.

Delinte has a full range of summer and winter tyres for passenger cars, on road and off road vehicles and SUV and CUVs. The ultra-high performance of the tyre gives a pleasant satisfaction to a user.

The quality check is done after the manufacturing of the product. Once it is displaced from the company, the ultra-safe care is being taken to deliver the product as it is in the hands of the users. In the year 2008, the brand stands out as the best quality budget tyre in the market. Within a few years, reliable and sturdy tyres are available in an affordable range. This takes a good care of off road vehicles and so produces the tyre.

Buy Delinte Tyre from budget to middle-end tyres, as it is available in so many ranges. Sleaford, a famous market of the tyre also makes available the Delinte tyre. Over the millions of the production is being done to sell the product all over the world. The current market is full but still, it has targeted more and will accomplish in the year of 2018. In the upcoming year, the production of the product will increase in double mode and will reach the volume of the users.

Buy Delinte Tyre Online on a budget by delivering a high quality, all weather products, controlling high speed, trunk-like ridges for stability in a straight line, twin longitudinal grooves, good grip in wet road conditions and reduces the road-line noise levels. It also produces a 4x4 tyre, which is designed specifically for off road driving.

Key Specifications

  • Reasonably priced
  • All round performance
  • Fitted to any vehicles
  • Best in any weather especially wet
  • Designed for off road
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