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    185/55 R15 Tyres

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    Generally, the size of a tyre is mentioned on its side which helps the customers to get the best suitable tyre for their vehicle. When you enter the tyre market, you may encounter various different models. Hence, to make it easier for you to choose the correct tyre, the characteristics, features and size of the tyre are mentioned on it clearly. Keeping in mind the ECE regulations, the rules and directives regarding the accessories and the vehicles are kept standardized universally. Hence the label 185/55 R15 is something that can be decoded and understood more appropriately within no time.

    The first 3 numbers of this label, i.e. 185 is the width or the thickness of the tyre. Normally this measurement is taken when the vehicle is fully unloaded or empty. Whereas the number 55 is the flank height with regard to its weight. And hence, the stroke in between them is used. Other than this, the character R is to bring into your knowledge that it is a radial tyre. And the character15 is nothing but the rim size of the tyre which is measured in inches. This tells us that such kind of a tyre is suitable to have a rim size not less than 15.These details are always present in any tyre you purchase with their own respective sizes.

    185 55 R15 tyres online-

    In Sleaford, you may come across many such tyres, but with various different brands. But if you want to go for a tyre that will always suit your vehicle and offers great performance for your car, buy 185 55 R15 tyres. We at Roberts tyres also have our online store wherein you can access these tyres at a much cheaper price. We are in this market for the quality tyres we offer our clients by understanding their needs and demands. We always keep a tap on the market changes and accordingly go hand in hand with the latest trend in the tyre world.

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