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Are you looking for Winter Tyres Sleaford for your vehicle?

Winter tyres

Winter tyres - take care of them on time!

Change on time and drive safely through autumn, winter and spring.

The statistics show: Many road traffic accidents in the UK are caused solely by driving season tyres in the wrong season. But not because the tyre change is deliberately omitted, but often because drivers are underestimating foliage, wetness and cold temperatures from 7 degrees and colder. As a car- and tyre expert, we, therefore, recommend: Take care on time and drive safely from autumn with good quality Winter tyres Sleaford.

Since there is no official period for the use of winter tyres, for maximum safety it is recommended October to April (around Easter time). During this period of time, winter tyres are ideal for longer braking distances and slides due to wetness, mud and foliage.

    Because even at temperatures from 7 degrees and colder, the material Summer tyres are made of gets harder and loses adhesion. Winter tyres, on the other hand, are made of a softer rubber compound with additional grooves, so there is a minimal risk even in cold temperatures.

    Facts about winter tyres Sleaford:

    Also, be aware of the following: Do not use tyres older than 6 years as the material has become brittle. Tyres with less than 3mm tread are no longer suitable for safe winter use.

    Tyres should always be stored in dry and dark rooms.

    The free winter check at Roberts Tyres

    Roberts Tyres Ltd. in Seaford will be pleased to help you with a free winter check. Our car experts will advise you on the topic of Winter tyres and check whether your old tyres are still suitable.

    If you already know that you will need new Winter tyres Sleaford, please have a look at our website. We have a massive variety of Winter tyres available for every budget. Whether you are looking for cheap winter tyres in Sleaford and the surrounding areas or you'd rather go for our mid-range or budget winter tyres, you will find plenty of brands to choose from. With your order, you can also decide whether to get the tyres delivered to your home or simply book a fitting appointment at the same time that suits you.

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