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Are you looking for Suspension and Shock Absorbers for your vehicle?


The shock absorbers, together with the suspension springs, ensure that shocks are compensated without vehicle vibration. This allows optimum road contact of the wheels. So, they not only serve the pleasant driving experience but are also a safety-relevant component.

Regular checks on the vehicle suspension and the shock absorbers are standard at Roberts Tyres and Sleaford MOT & Service Centre. Modern vehicles have sophisticated suspension systems, where the shock absorbers should be checked regularly after a certain mileage.

It is not surprising that shock absorbers need exchanging from time to time, even if they don't show any obvious damage. It all depends on their load, age and mileage because the shock absorbers transfer every steering movement and every bump on the body.

The consequences of worn shock absorbers are:

      • An extended braking distance
      • An increased aquaplaning danger
      • Greater side wind sensitivity
      • More wear on tyres and joints

To avoid high costs and to restore safety and driving comfort, it is recommended to have the suspension examined around every 12,000 miles.

These are signs of worn shock absorbers:

      • Hammering sounds on bad roads even at low speed
      • The vehicle swings after a bump
      • The tyres are worn unevenly
      • The steering flutters
      • The cornering is spongy
      • The vehicle responds more strongly to crosswinds

Causes of shock absorber defects include slow wear, corrosion, improper installation, self-made modifications, and excessive stress.

At Roberts Tyres and Sleaford MOT & Service Centre in Sleaford, we make sure that your vehicle's suspension and shock absorbers work the way they should and, if necessary, change parts quickly and cost-effectively.

Of course, our experts only use spare parts in original equipment quality!

With us, your car is always in good hands!

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