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Are you looking for Runflat Tyres for your vehicle?


Runflat technology is again on the rise. A few years ago "Runflats" seemed to loose popularity, but these days, the market share is growing again.

Thanks to runflat tyres (also RFT or Run-On-Flat), car owners can leave the spare wheel at home. Neither the risk of an accident with a flat tyre nor the dangers of a wheel change on the roadside are a problem: With Runflat tyres the driver might not even notice that his tyre is defective.

How does the "Runflat" principle work?

If a "normal" tyre loses air, it is gradually compressed, until only the compressed side walls are between the rim and the road. The material is heated very strongly during airless rolling, the components of the carcass loosen up properly.

With Run-flat tyres, on the other hand, it is possible to continue even with a pressure loss. To ensure this, two principles are used:

The side walls are reinforced. This means, a vehicle tyre is not compressed even without air filling.

On the rim there is a support ring made of plastic. If the tyre pressure drops, the rim does not run on the flat tyre but lies on the support ring. This keeps the wheel in shape.

Advantages and disadvantages of Runflat Tyres:

Thanks to the runflat technology, it is possible to drive to the next workshop without problems (usually about 200 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph). Taking a bulky spare tyre is no longer necessary. No wheel changes (possibly at night and during rain) have to be carried out.

However, the somewhat higher price and the greater weight of the wheels are disadvantageous. In addition, Runflat tyres can not be used in every car since an air pressure control system is required. Otherwise the driver may not even notice that the tyre has lost air, which can obviously be dangerous. Nevertheless, in the course of increased safety, more and more drivers are turning to run-flat tyres.

If you are looking for cheap Runflat tyres in Sleaford, here at Roberts Tyres, you can compare models of different manufacturers and dimensions and order cheap directly on our website.

Please note:

Runflats may only be changed by a qualified specialists!

If you want to pull a run-flat tyre onto the rim, you have to have the necessary know-how. For example, the side walls of these special tyres are less flexible than those of conventional tyres due to their stiffening. In case of improper assembly, internal damage to the material can occur, which can lead to an unintended, dangerous rip in the tyre. Your brand new, expensive tyre can become worthless in a second.

We've had many customers in the past coming from other tyre places, complaining about unqualified people damaging their tyres and rims by using force and improper machinery.

With us, you really don't need to worry. We know exactly what to do and we use the correct technology.

So, you see, there is lots to discover on our website. Whatever your needs, you will most likely find it at Roberts Tyres in Sleaford.

If you are after a particular type of tyre or a specific brand and can't find it for some reason, please contact us. We will do our best to help.

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