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Are you looking for Air Conditioning for your vehicle?

Air Conditioning

Today, air conditioning in the car is part of the standard equipment. It not only ensures pleasant temperatures in the vehicle and mist free wind screens in summer and winter, but also ensures greater safety. Statistics show that the risk of an accident increases significantly as the interior temperature increases, as the driver's ability to concentrate is reduced by heat.

It is therefore no wonder that the majority car buyers no longer want to do without an air conditioning system. What most drivers do not know though is that an air-conditioning system needs regular maintenance. Here at Sleaford MOT Service Centre in Sleaford, we have the specialist knowledge to help you to keep your car’s air condition in perfect working order, all-year round. By neglecting the maintenance of the air conditioning system, you would be taking the risk of damage and very high repair costs.

Protecting our environment

Another plus point of a regular air conditioning service is that leaking coolant is detrimental to the environment. Regular maintenance is therefore also a measure for environmental protection.

Your health

In addition, your and your passenger’s health benefits from a germ-free air-conditioning system, as the air inside the vehicle gets cleared of bacteria-and fungi. For this reason, allergy sufferers should not neglect the air conditioning system.

Why Roberts Tyres and Sleaford MOT Service Centre

      • At both Roberts Tyres and Sleaford MOT Service Centre, our fully qualified and trained technicians will take care of your vehicle’s air conditioning system.
      • We will check the air condition properly and fix any issues if necessary - in case a simple “re-gas” is just not good enough.
      • We perform full maintenance of the system using tools and equipment that are solely designed for the purpose.
      • Our air conditioner service not only comprises of removing the old gas and refilling with the new one but also includes lubricating the system for better yield and efficiency.
      • A vacuum test is also performed to look for any blows or leaks to prevent gas leaks.
      • Our experts will be happy to show you how your car’s air condition system works during the service.
      • We recommend that your vehicle’s air condition system is checked once a year

Car Valeting

At Sleaford MOT Service Centre we offer to:

      • Clean the inside (seats, carpets, windows etc)
      • Clean the tyres, polish the wheels and other components
      • Wash, dry, wax and polish the body of the car

Please contact us on 01529 306669 to book your vehicle’s valeting appointment.

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