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Michelin Tyres

Michelin Is one of the premium tyre brand famous all over word for manufacturing of the tyres for Car,SUV, 4x4, Vans and many more vehicles, It has a vast coverage of the industrires it produces tyres for. The brand was founded in 1889. It made its mark in the UK market in 1905, Since then the Michelin is preferred by all because of the technology and the innovation used to make the drive comfortable and safe.

There are various models designed according to the need and the size of the cars/vehicles. Summer and winter Tyres are designed like Cross Climate, Primacy 3, Energy, Pilot Sport and Alpin fit for varied extreme conditions.

      • The tread design pattern is made rigid and bevelled to improve brakes responsiveness on dry roads like summer tyres
      • Provides outstanding grasp on wet roads in every weather condition
      • Works well even in snow
      • Increased Mileage
      • The tyres promises high level of the featured due to the technology behind it. The revolutionary rubber compound is used provides flexibility for maximum traction, whatever the temperature.
      • Ultimate safety in dry and wet braking
      • Michelin tyres tread design is patented with auto-blocking sipes
      • Model like Alpin are best in snow and wet roads
      • Greater resistance to hydroplaning with improved steering precision
      • Saves upon the fuel making the vehicle fuel efficient.
      • Endurance to high temperatures due to the molecular cohesion that limits the heat built up
      • Inner layer improves the rolling resistance, thus reduced the energy consumption

Though there are many factors that matter while taking a big decision like which tyre to buy, because the tyre are the main component on which the safety of your family and the vehicles depends. Quality in tyres means Michelin that offers Grip, Longevity, Durability, Handling, Comfort and reduced noise with fuel efficiency. After doing the deep research and development on the tyres the brand has toughest testing lab for the quality it has been able to deliver.

With the endless list of the features used in the Michelin tyres, the end product is safe and durable in long run due to strict specifications the brand follows. Testing testing testing is the one critical operation that ensures exceptional performance.

We at Roberts Tyres have all models of the Michelin Brand. Proving the best vehicle services our certified and trained technicians are ready and glad to help and guide you through the process of the correct selection of the tyres for your vehicle.

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