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What can you do if you have a flat tyre? Here are some useful tips:

If there is a nail or screw in your tyre, please leave the item in the tyre at first. The hole created by the object will typically prevent the air from escaping so quickly if it gets stuck in the tyre.

Please change the wheel or the tyre immediately if you can. If you cannot change a tyre straight away and don't have a membership with AA, RAC or similar service providers, please take the shortest route to your Roberts Tyres workshop in Sleaford. In case you are too far away from us, please stop at petrol stations from time to time to check the air pressure in the tyre and top up if necessary. If the air pressure is too low, the sensitive inside of the tyre may be damaged.

If the tyre is flat, you should change it immediately. Even on a distance of five meters, a flat tyre can be destroyed.

Roberts Tyres in Sleaford can repair your tyre in the following cases:

    • The tyre is approved up to a top speed of 130 mph (H-tyres).

    • The object is tightly stuck in the tread of the tyre.

      In the following rare cases, a repair of your defective tyre is unfortunately no longer possible:

    • The item is stuck in the sidewall of the tyre.
    • (sidewall repairs are considered unsafe and therefore prohibited by law).
    • The inside of the tyre was damaged by driving with reduced pressure.
    • High-speed Performance tyres may not be repaired for legal reasons.
    • If you have previously used an emergency repair kit to repair the damage yourself. Unfortunately, the sealants in the repair kit make a professional repair impossible.

Basically, most damage from nail and screw holes can be repaired.

We at Roberts Tyres can repair your tyre fast and cost efficient.

Our highly trained experts are only using the best material so you can use your repaired tyre with peace of mind. In those rare cases when a tyre can't be repaired, we can offer you many different new, high-quality tyres for your vehicle at best prices.

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