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Professional inspection and vehicle service by the specialist. 

Roberts Tyres in Sleaford 

Professional inspections for maximum safety 

The correct inspection and servicing of the vehicle are unfortunately too often neglected and confined to many providers on a sporadic check of oil level, tyre pressure and coolant. Whether it is a privately used car, a commercial vehicle or a taxi - the service should be carried out at regular intervals by trained professionals for maximum safety. 

In our Roberts Tyres workshop, our highly qualified mechanics with many years of experience will look after your vehicle properly. With a trained eye, we check the functionality of all safety-relevant components, following the official specifications of the vehicle manufacturers.  

If any damage is detected, we would, of course, like to repair it in consultation with you as part of the service. We only use high-quality replacement parts and oils etc. to ensure that your vehicle is working properly and that your manufacturer's warranty stays intact. 

The scope of the inspection 

The checklist of our specialists includes more than 70 test points, which are thoroughly processed during the inspection. In addition to typical aspects such as the oil level, the coolant or the tyre pressure, we will discuss many other safety-related components. 

The functionality of the brake system, for example, is of great importance for the safety of the vehicle and is carefully checked by our qualified specialists. If the brake lines are leaking, the brake disc is worn out too much or the brake pedal has to be re-adjusted, we will take over this service as part of the inspection. Other important vehicle assemblies such as the exhaust system, the lighting systems, the shock absorbers or the tyres are carefully inspected for any damage during an inspection. 

Our scope of services at a glance: 

Thorough inspection according to the official maintenance plan of the car manufacturer 

The manufacturer's warranty is adequately maintained by the professional service. 

An entry in the service booklet will be made after the inspection has been carried out 

Spare parts are only installed in original equipment manufacturer quality if repairs are prone to damage 

Thanks to our many years of experience with vehicle inspections, you can rely on our services  

We can book your vehicle in for a service at any time that suits you. We always have flexible appointment available. 

Why not book a service appointment when your next MOT test is due? This way you will save not only a lot of stress but also time and money.   

You can book online or over the phone, or simply come to see us at our workshop. We will be happy to look after you and your vehicle.