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Hankook Tyres

Hankook Tyre is becoming one of the largest and fast growing tyre manufacturer for radial tyres for passenger cars, light trucks, SUV, 4x4 suitable for All Terrain , Mud Terrain, Highway Terrain. The has managed to capture the global market rapidly, which is dominated by other big giant tyre brands. Earlier know as Chosun was renamed to “Hankook” in 1968. The company believes that safety and comfort goes side by side. In extreme weather condition the tyres technology should be strong enough to drive you back safely. The company have 5 research & development centres in Korea, the U.S., Japan, China and Germany where the deep R& D is done even in the times of crises. The quality is never compromised keeping the environment in mind.

    • Summer Tyres :

Some of the summer tyres that will give ultimate performance in high temperatures. Ventus RS4 uses carbon black and silica type racing compound for better grip and perfromance, Beadfiller + SRFM for better handling and steering precision. Balanced carcass design aids in minimal deformation on sides. The ventus S1 evo2 performs great on wet and dry roads. Provides exceptional stability while cornering at high-speeds and eco friendly. Aqua Driving Control easily allows the water to escape , thus providing superior wet performance. Strong Single Bead Wire ensures the better uniformity and tyre fitting. Ventus V12 Evo2 features the alignment indicators that indicates whether alignment is in or out. Kinergy Eco (K425) is premium summer tyre and gives the ultimate performance due to the nano-scale compound particles. This tyre is just great for fuel efficiency and outstanding wet braking.

    • Winter Tyres:

Some of the winter tyres that goes long way on snow and low temperatures. Winter i’Pike RS is studdable tyre that give stupendous performance on snow & ice. Aqua Slant tread design pattern provides effective water evacuation and winter performance. Winter i'cept iz is covered with 3D-kerfs that ensures better grip on icy roads and an special tread compound is used so as to maintain softness even in extreme low temperatures. Husky Paw Print design is used to give that grip is all winter conditions.

The key of the success of the brand is the “Kontrol Technology”, this facilitates the complete interaction between car, driver and the road. Basically combining

these four core functions: Performance, safety, Comfort and Environment. Reduction in carbon emissions increases fuel efficiency assists to make tyre eco friendly.

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