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Falken Tyres

Falken tyres sub-brand of the Sumitomo Rubber Industries from Japan. Falken tyres are suitable for the passenger car, light truck, and medium truck. Since 1983, Falken Tyres are well known due to their Ultra High Performance worldwide. The tyres manufactured are for All Season, Performance Summer Tyres, Winter Tyres.

  • Economical, Safe and Comfortable
  • Easy Handling and high-speed stability
  • Excellent ride and low noise technology
  • Unique tread pattern and development
  • Extra Hard wearing silica compound
  • Tough wear resistant tread pattern
  • Precise handling and high directional stability
  • Highly agile and well balanced
  • Excellent traction on wet and dry roads
  • Improved cornering grip and anti-wandering performanc
  • Considerable reduction in rolling resistance
  • Special Eyes – Tyre Wear Indicators

The company did managed to win the Tire Technology of the Year Award. The Sumitomo Rubber Industries ranks itself sixth in the world of tyre manufacturing. The unique creativity of the technology used which is “Advanced 4D Nano Design” enabled the enhanced traction and wear life of the tyre. This technology helps to predict the behaviour of the rubber material. The company has always been using the sophisticated technology for exceptional performance of the tyre. The special eyes put an end to the estimate of replacing the tyre by providing trustworthy indicators which are set in directly to the tyres.

AZENIS FK453 uses Nur-Spec Compound that enables better control at high speeds along with high silica hard tread deliver the rigidity for great traction.

AZENIS PT722 meant for Touring with deeper grooves in tread blocks which is great for hydroplaning. The great thing abot the Falken tyres is the Tyre Wear Indicators that informed the driver about rotation timing, thus maximizes the wear performance for better mileage and longevity.

FALKEN SINCERA SN835 is the best choice for the people who wants economical vehicle. These tyres offers the fuel saving and comfort, perfect for everyday use. Serving all purposes like low noise, improved hydroplaning, stability at high speeds and many more...

FALKEN SINCERA SN845 features Multi Pitch Tread Design that Minimizes the noise for comfortable drive. The tread is wider & Circumferential Grooves on tread are Deeper that ensures the improved wet and dry performance plus great traction.

WILDPEAK A/T - As name suggest is great for mud and snow evacuation for ultimate all terrain traction. The tyres have biting edges to give extra traction and support.

So if you are looking for Falken tyres for your car, end your search here!

Roberts tyres stocks an extensive range of Falken tyres which are just suitable for all kinds of the requirements plus they are best for the safety and performance. We are proud to announce that we always have happy customers...

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