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Yokohama Tyres

    Yokohama tyres established in 1917, Japan bringing out the premium quality tyres. The company has proved itself by challenging to meet the highest standards. The tyres are produced for Passenger cars, SUV, OTR, Truck/Buses and Motorsports. In Cars, the brand produces tyres fit for all driving conditions such as summer tyres, winter tyres, SUV and Off Roads tyres.

    Advan Fleva V701 delivers expert precision on corners. That’s why this tyre is good for sports car and performance cars. Serves the better-wet grip and low noise. The Company promises such an exceptional performance due to the technology involved in it.

    The tread design is the unique combination if various patterns like Directional Tread Pattern enables water evacuation, Claw Grooves, Wide Sword Grooves and Lightning-shaped Straight Grooves that push out water forcefully making the drive on the wet roads.

    Making unique tread pattern three thick and three inner grooves make the tyre’s asymmetrical, non-directional tread pattern for ultimate wet performance. "nanoBLEND compound" is used for the optimal stability of greater wet grip performance also providing high fuel efficiency wear resistance. Non-penetrating Lug Groove pattern enables comfort and high performance by restraining the noise.

    Low rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency by using Environmental technologies for the Earth. High-rigidity allows powerful grip on dry surfaces. In different models, different types of the compounds are brought into use like Micro Silica, Orange Oil, Silica-dispersed agent, Chemically blend polymer employed in ADVAN Sport V105 results in wear resistance, high mileage and powerful wet grip.

    Winter Tyres made by Yokohama especially for winters and low temperatures maximises the contact area with road filled with ice and snow. Silica end-locked compound ensures the low fuel consumption with its low rolling resistance. The company makes the use of the orange oil so as to make the tyre soft in extreme winter condition when the chance is there the tyres get hard. Orange Oil improves performance on wet dry

    For winters the tyres are designed with 3D- sipes with polyhedral exterior that gives high performance on any surfaces

    The tyres made for off roads also perform well due to four Main Grooves and Pitch Variation for better aquaplaning and wet braking as well as for lower noise. For off roads, the tyres are covered with nylon that easily prevents the damage while being off roads. Now you can be carefree while driving off roads because the Yokohama tyres ensure the security and comfort without being compromising anything.

    The mileage and high speeds are well supported. People who love eco friendly things, they can bank on Yokohama tyres as they are achieved the label of “Zero emissions” .

    The list of the benefits is ongoing, that’s why at Roberts Tyres stock all the brands which are sure to be safe for the use. Your safety is our prime vision!

    And the expert technicians we have will never let you take any wrong decision when it comes to the tyres and the car related services.

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