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Doublestar Tyres


a large company, located in China is into tyre industry from last so many years. The Doublestar Group Corporation initially owns it. With an enormous output of more than 10 million tyres every year, their major portion of tyres are destined to export to almost 100 other countries all over the world. They strictly adhere to their quality standards. They famously introduced the world's first ever batch of colouredtyres.

Robertstyres are proud to stock Doublestartyres at economy prices. Due to their excellent functionality and highly economical pricing, they are widely in demand in the UK. We have Doublestartyres for all your passenger cars, trucks, etc. We have stocked them in various colours like yellow, green, orange and blue, etc.

Have a look on the few!

Deruibo RC21

One of the major tyres from the brand, well suitable for long distance travel. What makes it different from the rest is the unique tread design and groves that offer stability and control over the road.

Deruibo RH63 XL

The most trusted pair of the tyre from the Doublestar house for dry weather conditions. Whereas Deruibo RH65 XL is another pair from the summer tyre range. Not only they hold a firm grip on the roads but also make the vehicle more fuel efficient.

Deruibo RH69 XL

A pair of high-performance summer tyres that offers noise-free driving and wet grip. Though it is designed for dry weather conditions, yet works well even on wet roads.A great tyre with a combo of dry and wet traction control.


This model is from the light truck production line from the Doublestar house. Large tread pattern makes it capable of offering higher handling and traction. It is available in 14 -16-inch sizes, perfect for all your passenger car makes and models.

DS810 and DS810 XL

These tyres from Doublestar offers vehicles with consistency as well as stability at high-speed cornering and are suitable for long distance travelling with virtuous traction and control on dry and wet roads.


A tyre with excellent drain ability, is also widely demanded by the clients in the UK.

We not only offer the above mentioned tyres but have also stocked other leading models and patterns from the Doublestar family at much lower price tags. Have a happy shopping!

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