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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?


The time is ripe: everything you need to know about Summer tyres!

Just in time: When should you convert from winter to summer tyres?

Many drivers change their tyres when it is usually already overdue. Our recommendation: Change in time! But when exactly is that? Experts speak of the 7 ° C threshold. When this temperature is reached, it is time for summer tyres.

Summer tyres have a harder rubber blend than Winter tyres, which are optimally adjusted to the road conditions at higher temperatures. This also shortens your braking distance.

  • Advantage 1: safe driving. Thanks to the shorter braking distance, the abrasion is also reduced.
  • Advantage 2: The material lives longer. The tread abrasion is less
  • Advantage 3: Save money. Summer tyres consume less fuel than Winter tyres.
  • Our tip: Use these advantages and change in time!

    You should pay attention to the purchase and the tyre!

    If you want to use last year's Summer tyres, please check the following factors for your safety: Is the tread still good enough? Are there no cracks in the rubber, suggesting that the rubber is porous. How old are the tyres (check the DOT on the tyre side wall). Also make sure, after mounting the tyres, to check the correct air pressure every four weeks.If you would like to get them fitted in our workshop in Sleaford, we will certainly check your tyres for you first.

    If you want to buy new tyres, our team at Roberts Tyres will be happy to help you make the right choice.

    You can order you new, cheap Summer tyres right here on our easy to use Roberts Tyres website. Just type in the size you need or your vehicle's reg. number and choose the tyres you like. There are tyres for every budget.If you are not sure which ones to buy, please contact Roberts Tyres for some friendly expert advice.

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