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Are you looking for Car Diagnostic for your vehicle?


Robertstyres is your final terminus when you want your car’s engine diagnostics. Our team makes sure that your vehicle’s engine always receives a superior level of auto service. We promise exceptional diagnosis services from the moment you will enter our flaps.

We are into an era of expansion and perfection of our services since we opened our doors. We also realise that without it, it’s an annoyance and hassle. We try to save your time and money by getting your repairs at a reasonable cost! The alarming sign to get your car’s engine diagnostics is when again and again you see the warning lights being lightened on your dashboard. Such advanced vehicles need an advanced way to identify and deal with the issue, and so we at Robertstyres offer the advanced diagnostic technology.

We have the Bosch KTS200 machine to determine why the engine is not working in a proper way and return. You have to pay very less!

What Is An Engine Diagnostic Check?

ECU is a way of scanning all the various components, and at the end, scanning ends up with error codes and issues. Our technicians will provide thorough inspections, quality information and the best solutions for maintaining and repairing your vehicle’s engine. The machine will scan various segments including brakes, engine, alarms, etc. Where the computer reads the live data; it will also reprogram the component by correcting the faults or issues being arisen.

It is the best way to figure out the problem in the Engine and to reset the warning light. This early sign and identification will help to save the later costs. We always try to provide our customers with personalised care and attention, and fair pricing! So the Engine Diagnostics done on all cars, SUVs, trucks, etc. at Roberts tyres is done at very competitive prices.

Never scrimp when it comes to the maintenance of your car vehicle. Your vehicle always deserves a superior level of auto service.

We are waiting for your call. Our engine repair engineers are sure to have the responses and the explanations you need.

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