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195/45 R16 Tyres

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At Roberts Tyres, we ensure that our clients are been provided with the best kind of products and services. We and our team do a detailed research on the market condition and accordingly bring in new innovations in the services and products we offer in and around the UK. 195/45R16 Tyres are sold at large number among the masses due to the kind of performance it delivers on the road. 195/45 R16 tyres are available in various leading brands like Dunlop, Firestone, Bridgestone and so on. You just need to have a check on the size and brand that fits perfectly in your budget and vehicle and keep shopping.

Understand the term 195/45 R16

When you decide to buy 195 45 R16 tyres there are some facts you need to keep in mind. The first thing which you need to keep in mind is to check the sides of the tyre, which will have the specification of the tyre in detail. The width of the tyre is 195 and height are 45 mentioned in millimetres. The rim of the tyre is 16 which is in inches. R is nothing but radial or belt tyre. This tyre is designed and sold under the European standards and have international validity.

Get the best quality in 195/45 R16 Tyres Online from Roberts Tyres in Sleaford

You can get the best quality 195/45 R16 Tyres on our website at a very cost effective rate. We will not only provide you with the product but also offer you with a service cover annually. The package that we offer will help your tyre and vehicle stay flexible and maintained for years. Most of the customers who shop with us also take up the service package with us on a yearly basis. This helps them in saving enough time and money. If at all you decide to shop for tyres from us see to it that you go for a complete package.

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