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    195/55 R16 Tyres

    Know some important facts about 195/55 R16 Tyres

    Robertstyre shop in Sleaford can be the right choice for you to buy tyres as per the size you wish you have in your vehicle. We deliver the best quality tyres in the UK at the best price. We do have tyres as per the changing climatic conditions. You can have the winter tyres from October to Easter while the summer tyres during the rest of the year. If you desire to have all season tyres for your vehicle you can buy 195 55 R16 Tyres from us that ensure all season safety. In 195/55R16 Tyres, we have models which fit for a large vehicle as well as medium class vehicles.

    195 55 R16 Tyres are designed in a very comprehensive way which perfectly fit car brands like VW polo and so on. 195 55 R16 term indicates the diameter of the tyre which includes the width, height and the rim of the tyre. 195mm is the width of the tyre which 55 is the height. 16 stand for the rim of a tyre in inches. These tyres are sold by a lot of companies online as well as offline. However, shopping for 195/55R16 Tyres online can always be a smart choice.

    Why should one buy 195 55 R16 Tyres online?

    The best part of buying 195 55 R16 Tyres online are you have a great choice in tyre models to choose from. Moreover, Robertstyres sell some of the leading brands in tyres, which help customers to by the best set of tyres for their car. Robertstyres are there in the online tyre market for over years and have made a good name in the market due to our quality products and satisfactory services. We have a set of experts with us who are always available for our clients and see to it that every client is served at the best. You can just go to our website to have a look at the endless brands in tyres we have with us or just give us a call. We are always there to help you at the best.

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