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    195/60 R15 Tyres

    Get new 195/60R15 tyres for your vehicle from Roberts tyres

    There are a variety of tyres available in the market with different size and each with different features. One such tyre that has been boosting up in the local and the online market is 195 60 R15. This is actually the marking or the size of the tyre with regard to different aspects. It includes the thickness of the tyre, the flank height with regard to the ratio of the tyre and the most importantly the rim diameter of the particular tyre. The initial part or number represents the width of the tyre i.e. from 195/60 R15, “195” stands for the thickness/width of the tyre. The measurement unit or instrument used here is millimetres. Accordingly, you can simply get the exact height of the tyre by multiplying it with the flank height of the tyre, i.e. “60” in the form of a percentage. Hence, the height of the tyre is 195 mm*0.60=117. Later the alphabet R stands for radial design and is followed by the rim size of the tyre or in simple words the inner diameter which is measured in inches.

    In Sleaford, there are tyres that are of great quality and also that last for a longer period of time. Though you may find a variety of tyres there, it is always important to have a tyre for your vehicle that can give more life to it.

    Buy cheap 195 60 R15 tyres online-

    We at Robertstyres in Sleaford have come up with an online web page as well wherein you can take a look at all the tyres displayed. But if you want a tyre that is long-lasting and has amazing control when on the roads, buy 195 60 R15 tyres for your vehicle from our online shop. Our team is always there to help you at the best with the best set of tyres that match to your expectations and perfectly fit your car. We are just a call or email away from you.

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