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    195/65 R15 Tyres

    195/65R15 Tyres the right pick for your vehicle

    195/65R15 is nothing but the dimension of the tyre which contains the width, the flank height and the rim. The first three digits are the width of the tyre mentioned in millimetres. With a height of 65% and 15-inch rim. The R mentioned in the term is the well-known radial design of the tyre. 195/65R15 Tyres do not give you a detailed idea about when can this tyre be used. One can contact the tyre expert to have a proper idea on when can these tyres be used. In this size of the tyre, there are summer tyres, winter tyres as well as all season tyres. Hence, you can have a check on the options available in this size tyres and shop for the one which is best for your vehicle. Some of the renowned brands like Bridgestone, Hankook, Dunlop and Continental contain tyres with the dimension of 195/65R15.

    Buy 195/65R15 Tyres Online from Roberts Tyres

    Roberts Tyre in Sleaford is one of the leading online tyre retail shops which can help you shop for the right size tyres for your vehicle. The kind of tyres we offer are branded ones sold at a very comprehensive price keeping each and every customer in mind and their budget. We have 195/65R15 Tyres for on road, off-road as well as sports cars. If you want to know more details about 195/65R15 Tyres drop an email or just contact us. Our team of experts will give you a brief information about these tyres and their benefits for your vehicle. While shopping for tyres it is important to know in depth about the size, dimension as well as the model in tyres you buy for your car. Tyres have always been an asset for any customer as it stays with the owner for a longer period of time. Hence, your work does not end in just buying a tyre, it's vital to maintain it in the right way. You can anytime approach us to know some easy tips to take care of your 195 65 R15 tyres.

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