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    205/50 R16 Tyres

    People usually identify tyres for their vehicles by its name or the brand that it belongs to. 205/50 R16 is also a tyre that is manufactured by a number of well-known brands and is one of the best-selling tyres today. Well, if you haven’t heard about this tyre, then one clarification is that the title is nothing but the measurement of certain parts of the tyre. The very first number, i.e. 205 is the width of the tyre. This is taken out from the cross-section of the tyre and is calculated in millimetres. The second number, i.e. 50 is the flank height of the tyre. If you are wondering about the stroke in between both the figures, then it is only because the flank height is represented in ratio format and hence to derive the exact height you just have to multiply both the figures. And so the height of the tyre will be 205mm* 0.50= 96.75. The second half starts with the alphabet R which is only to tell that it is a radial tyre or a belted tyre. The number 16 at the end is the measurement of the rim or can be said as the diameter of the tyre. This information is generally shared with the customers by tyre dealers, while they purchase tyres for their vehicle.

    At times, it becomes difficult for people to understand the terms and conditions regarding the tyres being purchased by them. And so, to make it simple for them to get an idea with regard to tyres and their vehicles, the ECE regulations have been standardized now universally which mainly deals with motor vehicles and their ac9cessories.

    There are many tyre dealers you may come across within Sleaford, each selling tyres with their own best packages at reasonable prices. We too are one such tyre dealer in Sleaford recognized as Roberts tyres. We have been into selling tyres at a reasonable price for quite some time now. The best tyre available in the market in the present day is 205/50 R16 tyres. We do recommend customers to buy 205 50 R16 tyres as they have a really good grip over all kinds of roads you may encounter while you drive. Not only are they available in the local markets, but also you can find 205 50 R16 tyres online. Also, we have our own website wherein we are selling a variety of tyres, so do visit our webpage whenever in need of a tyre.

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