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    215/55 R16 Tyres

    Buy 215/55R16 from Roberts Tyres in Sleaford

    Tyres are widespread all over the world each consisting of different features and characteristics with regard to its size in various aspects. 215/55 R16 is one such tyre that gives an ultimate performance to your vehicle at a very cheap price. It's not really a tough job to understand what the name suggests. But if it's falling difficult for you to puzzle out the title then here is the detailed information you need to go through.

    The earliest 3 figures (215) characterize the thickness or the width of the tyre and it is estimated in millimetres (mm). After this comes the ratio regarding the flank height of the tyre with respect to its width hence the stroke in between is used here. And so, the exact height of the tyre will be 215mm *0.55 = 118.25. Later the character R stands here for you to recognize that it is a belted tyre (radial tyre). And last but not the least, the digits 16, at the end, indicate the rim size of the tyre in inches. Also, the ECE regulations for motor cars and their accessories are standardized on a global basis.

    Though there are many tyres available in Sleaford, only some of them give you the desired performance. Hence, if you are really intended to buy a tyre that lasts for a longer period of time, it is preferable to buy 215 55R16 tyres for your vehicle. Also, we at Roberts tyres have been selling 215 55 R16 tyres online at a very reasonable and affordable price. So do happen to look into our web page when you are in need of tyres for your vehicle. We and our team are always there to support you at the best not only to provide you tyres but also to get the tyre fitting done for your vehicle. So hurry up and shop for the right tyre size for your car from us.

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