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    215/65 R16 Tyres

    “Tyre is one of the essential parts of a vehicle”- you might have heard this from many people around you. But that’s not all, what matters more is which kind of tyre are you purchasing for your vehicle. One tyre that has been in the tyre market for quite a long time is 215/65R16. If you are not really aware of this tyre, then all the relevant information that can come to your help can be found in the text below. The very first number i.e. 215 is the overall width of the tyre which is usually estimated in terms of millimetres. The measurement is taken over the cross-section of the tyre. The next place is taken by the flank height of the tyre in ratio. Therefore, the perfect height of the tyre should be 215mm* 0.65= 139.75. This is the main part that you derive from the title. Later the letter R is just to tell that it is a belted tyre or can be also called as a radial tyre. Lastly, the number 16 is the diameter of the entire tyre (rim size). This is all that you need to understand initially while you purchase this tyre for your vehicle.

    Moreover, to make it simpler for people, the ECE regulations with regard to vehicles and their accessories are now standardised on a universal basis. This has really helped people to learn about their vehicle tyres in more depth and also has made it possible for them to have a wider knowledge regarding their vehicle and all the accessories that come in with it.

    Tyres are supplied in Sleaford at a very reasonable price and are what makes people go for them without having a proper idea about it. Hence, to let customers know all the features and characteristics of tyres, we at Roberts tyres give an exclusive package to our clients wherein we give them a tutorial about all the tyres that best fit to their vehicle. And at present, the best choice you must make is to buy 215 65 R16 tyres for your vehicle. This tyre gives a classy look to your vehicle and also benefits you in the long run. You can also get 215 65 R16 tyres online at our website and we assure you that the quality of the tyre will never be compromised. Do visit our web page and purchase quality tyres at very reasonable prices.

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