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Greetings to the charming people of Anwick!

Have you been facing any car trouble lately? Perhaps your car’s battery goes awry before time? Maybe your exhaust is making too much noise, or emitting too much smoke? 

Have you recently noticed that your car shakes and vibrates like crazy every time you go for a drive on the A153?

Perhaps a short trip between Sleaford and Billinghay is proving to be too much trouble due to a dip in your mileage?

Well then, perhaps it is time for your car to get some servicing done! You can now do it at Roberts Tyres, one of the UK’s foremost providers of general car services, repairs, and genuine spare parts.

What do we do?

Roberts Tyres specialises in the entire spectrum of services that a car owner needs. A few of these are:

  • Checking and repairing your car’s engine
  • MOT Anwick at a very affordable rate
  • Aligning and balancing the wheels
  • Maintaining the battery so that your car doesn’t stop at odd times
  • Ensuring that the suspension is sprightly and ready for action

The village of Anwick needs more professional car maintenance services so that the residents do not have to go to Sleaford or Lincoln to get their vehicular problems solved.

You can also buy fresh tyres anwick for your cars, motorhomes, or bigger vehicles. We store major brands including:

  • Bridgestone
  • Michelin
  • Pirelli, and
  • Dunlop

Our facility boasts of a friendly and professional team of technicians who can perform car servicing jobs with precision. We are located centrally, not too far from the Anglican Church of St Edith.

A well-maintained car is a healthy car. A healthy car means a happy family. That’s what Roberts Tyres does: making people happier. Visit our website for more details.

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