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Greetings, Cranwell!

Before we start, we have one question for you. We know how proud you are of your heritage and of RAF Cranwell. But do you have a decent car garage in your beautiful little village, the kind of place which has a homely vibe but works like seasoned professionals?

The answer, we are afraid, is a resounding no. Your local garage cannot handle all the intricate operations that modern car maintenance requires. We are Roberts Tyres, one of the country’s most resourceful and promising car maintenance services.

Did you know?

…that you may not be getting your money’s worth when you go to the bigger cities like Sleaford and Lincoln for car servicing? They might just be doing their best, but sometimes, you need professional help.

At Roberts Tyres, we can:

• Ensure that your engine is working at its full capacity

• Maintain your battery so that it does not leak

• Keep your tyres free from wear by aligning and balancing them

• Give you a more comfortable ride by servicing the shock absorbers

What else do we have?

We have a huge inventory of car spares, including tyres Cranwell, which we sell both online as well as physically. We have a team of extremely well-trained technicians to offer you a range of services. Also, we are authorised to perform MOT Cranwell and offer it at an affordable price. And we do all this with a smile.

Besides, we are centrally located right next to the St. Andrews Church, not too far from the Cranwell village centre. Come and have a looksee. Maybe we can be of some assistance.