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Greetings to the lovely people of Dorrington! 

If you live in and around this area, you must have heard of us, Roberts Tyres. We are one of the country's foremost automotive service providers and now, we are in this delightful village!

Most of you own a car. Don’t you find it rather difficult to avail all the necessary spare parts and services? Do the existing garage facilities fail to repair or replace anything that your car needs? Do you receive good general advice on everything concerning your car's safety and reliability? 

If you have encountered any of these issues, you need not worry any more. Roberts Tyres brings you everything about your car and you under one roof. We take great pride in the knowledge that our team has gathered over the years and the advice they can provide.

Roberts Tyres performs some very complicated operations including:

• Wheel balancing and wheel alignment, 

• Replacing the clutch and brake parts, 

• Servicing the engine

• Replacing various oils 

• MOT Dorrington

• Servicing the car AC.

All these and more are done in a jiffy and within your budget.

We have a huge collection of tyres Dorrington too. We know that the folks of Dorrington love driving. We have personalised our tyre stores that way. You will find all the great brands here:

• Michelin, 

• Goodyear, 

• Pirelli, 

• Continental, and several others.

You can book an appointment with us either over the phone or online. We believe in providing quality service at unbeatable prices. This motto has made us pretty popular in other parts of the country as well.

Liked what you read? Why don't you come down with your vehicle for a thorough check-up? Maybe, we will notice something that you missed!