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Roberts Tyres is delighted to announce that it can now proudly serve the merry residents of Heckington, home to the 1,000-year-old 8-sailed windmill in the UK, and probably the oldest in Europe. Being one of the largest villages in Lincolnshire, we expect to serve a lot of people soon.

As a car owner, you must be concerned if you ever encounter any of the following issues:

• Your fuel efficiency decreases way too fast than you had previously experienced.

• The battery acts up at times, especially when the nights get cold.

• The car does not respond too well to your commands and traverses to a side when you are ambling down the A17 road.

• You fail the mandatory MOT Heckington if your vehicle is over three years old.

Trust us, as car owners ourselves, we too would be worried if any of these happened to us. Thankfully, you can now come down directly to Roberts Tyres for a full or interim service of your car, a thorough check of the exhaust or wheel balancing and aligning.

We provide all these and much more services at very reasonable rates and without creating a fuss. Our qualified technicians have access to the latest technologies in the automobile industry. We also offer MOT testing for your vehicle. 

We also sell various car parts and supply some of the best car tyres Heckington. Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, you name it, we have them. Our greatest strength is the service network that we have managed to establish all around the country. This has blessed us with thousands of happy and satisfied customers.

You can always bring your car down for a check and a chat. Else, you can also check out our website and get exact quotes on the various services that we offer.

Roberts Tyres is excited to be in the same town where the legendary Radio Caroline DJ, Tom Edwards, was born.