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Welcome, the citizens of Helpringham, to Roberts Tyres!

As you must know by now, we are now catering to every car owner from Heckington to Swaton. We are just a stone’s throw away from you as well, with our facilities located near the Red Bridge. We are also not too far away from the Nag’s Head Public house.

What we do

Roberts Tyres is one of the most efficient providers of car service in the entire UK. Our car technicians believe in providing their quality service with a smile.

While our website has a much more detailed list, some of our most popular services include:

• Replacements of the exhaust system, clutch, and brake system. These have to be done under professional supervision.

• Aligning and balancing your car’s tyres Helpringham so that the suspension, and the entire car’s balance, stays in top shape.

• Ensuring that the battery is properly fixed and is not leaking.

• Using the latest diagnostics tools to establish the health of the engine.

• Providing overall and generalised advice on how to maintain your car.

We abide by all the prevailing standards in the automotive industry in the UK. We are also qualified to perform an MOT Helpringham and issue a certificate.

Many motorists reach Helpringham from the other villages daily, thanks to the A17 and the A52 highways. There always are some people who need to get their cars fixed. We can assist them too.

Since we are centrally located, you will not have any trouble finding us. Log on to our website for more details.