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Roberts Tyres is glad to announce that it will now be able to serve the folks of Kelby. Armed with the latest car servicing technologies, our company is one of the most established names in this field in the UK.

Many car owners of the hamlets of Heydour, Aisby, Oasby, and Culverthorpe had to go to the garages in Sleaford and Grantham for repairs, services, and replacements. No longer!

With a team of highly professional, skilled, and warm technicians, every sort of service related to cars are performed with care and dedication. We are also certified to perform an MOT Kelby and certify your vehicle afterwards.

So, what is it that we can do, you may ask? Well, we can:

Diagnose any problem with the engine and the exhaust system. If our diagnostics tests detect any problems, we will either fix them or replace the parts to blame.

Check for any problems related to the alignment and balancing of your wheels.

Prep your car so that it passes the Class IV MOT Kelby.

Offer general services like puncture repairs, general car and chassis repairs, and AC fixes.

We promise three main assurances: quality services, on-time deliveries, and the very best rates.

One more thing. We are located very close to the St. Andrew and only 3 miles from Ancaster. Our facility is easily accessible on any given business day. 

If you cannot come down yourself, visit Roberts Tyres’ website. You will get every piece of information there. Happy driving!