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    Greetings, citizens of Leasingham! We are Roberts Tyres, one of the UK’s best-known car service providers. Before we go any further, have you ever:

  • Encountered problems with your battery where the car’s engine takes a lot of attempts to get going?
  • Observed that the car’s interiors jump like crazy every time you encounter even the smallest speed-breaker?
  • Heard some strange noises emanating from the exhaust system or noticed a huge amount of smoke being belched out?
  • Seen anything wrong with the car tyres Leasingham?
  • If the answer to any of these questions is yes, your car needs better service. That is what we, Roberts Tyres, do for a living. We service cars.

    Our services:

    Roberts Tyres cover a lot of ground in the car servicing niche. To give you a brief idea, we:

  • Maintain and service the engine
  • Align and balance your wheels
  • Make sure that your car passes the MOT Leasingham
  • Sell EU label tyres
  • Ensure that your ECU is working
  • Offer general advice on maintaining a car
  • We sell…

    A lot of original car equipment, including batteries and tyres. We have a huge inventory of tyres from the likes of Dunlop, Bridgestone, Michelin, and Continental.

    Roberts Tyres offers you quality service without taking too much of your valuable time or money. Our services abide by all the prevailing standards in the country.

    Our most precious resource, apart from our customers, is our quality team of skilled technicians. They are warm, professional, and welcoming.

    Moreover, we are also located conveniently, not too far from the Duke of Wellington public house and near the Church of St. Andrews. You can always come down for a chat if you like.

    Your car will receive the care it deserves.

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