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Exclusive rights for Sleaford area...

Would you like to join us as well?

This is how it works:

You are looking at the website of Roberts Tyres. This means that we, Auto Garage Network have signed a legal contract with Robert Tyres in Sleaford (the Owner Mr Mark will be happy to confirm 07711206967). This legally binding contract confirms that this website model has only been given to this one garage in Sleaford and therefore cannot be given to any other garage, fitting partner, shop or trader in the same area.

In case other garages from areas close to Sleaford would approach us regarding the purchase of this website, we would not automatically approve as we would first discuss this matter with the owner of Roberts tyres.

This way, we make sure our business does not hurt our partner's business.

Robert Tyres has signed a contract with us. This means, we have an obligation to maintain and improve the Roberts Tyres website as long as it is required by the customer - there is no time limit.

Do you like this website?

Currently, we have a team of 20 top IT specialists working for us and our partners, and we are planning to recruit further staff members by the end of this year. Our plan is to extend our team to 100 members of staff soon. Our dedicated IT team will always concentrate and work on one project at a time. Our goal is to provide garage owners one solution for every garage need.

The website we are creating for you - our partner, will straight away attract new customers from your area.

We can cater for every need in everyday garage work like accounting, invoicing, e-mail marketing, text message reminders, repair times and much, much more...

We guarantee your new website will be 100% self-funding. The running costs will basically be zero after the system is set up. Your business will improve dramatically with your profits going up. Your online business will start to dominate the local area.

The best part is, we can even put our current work in your existing website - and it will all be on your own domain including all ongoing developments.

We have seen many garages joining other companies - desperately trying to get more business.

But many of them have been disappointed fairly quickly. The worst part is, that these companies can pull the plug for you at any time and for any reason - and take all your customer's data just to give it to your competitor next door - and there is nothing you can do about it!

With us, this is not the case. Your garage's success is our success. So our duty is to give "our garages" the best website in the whole world and make sure they will get more business and scooping online business in your local area.

We will remove the current online threat and any future threat as well.

First come first serve - so take this opportunity and join us now with exclusive rights.

You've got nothing but everything to gain if you join us.

You will get our ongoing services, support and continued updates (millions of pounds worth in technology) for decades to come. Our website model will work online for you 24/7, so you can serve your valued online customers around the clock and enjoy a stressful life at the same time.

Sounds good? So please get in touch. We will be happy to show our business model to you.

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