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Before you read on, have you ever:

1. Noticed a strange rumbling noise coming from your car’s engine?

2. Ever skidded off the road in the winter?

3. Been stranded on the highway in the freezing cold because you did not have your battery checked on time?

4. Got fined by the MOT because you failed the vehicle test?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, you are in better hands now. Roberts Tyres is now in North Kyme. We are elated to announce that we will now be able to serve the joyous residents here too!

Over the last few years, Roberts Tyres has managed to establish itself as one of the best car service providers. We also sell tyres North Kyme and spare parts. Our greatest strength is our team, which comprises some of the UK’s finest (and friendliest) technicians.

You will probably ask us what sort of services we offer. Well, we have listed some of them. There are plenty more from where they come from.

• Servicing the car’s AC and exhaust

• Checking for any wheel balancing and alignment issues

• Ensuring your car’s battery is in fine form

• Properly checking the exhaust system of the car that you drive

• Performing an MOT North Kyme and issue the corresponding certificate

We are located conveniently near the town’s centre, not very far from The Plough Inn and pretty close to St. Luke’s church. This way, we can also cater to all the villages located around North Kyme too. 

You can check out all the other details on our website. Else, you can always come down for a thorough and professional inspection at our facility. We can ensure timely delivery and speedy service without burning a hole in your pockets.