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Residents of Oasby are some of the nicest people we met ever since we have set up our shop here. We are Roberts Tyres, one of the UK’s most eminent car service providers. We repair cars, sell new parts including tyres, and cater to the general problems that car owners face.

Roberts Tyres is easily accessible from all parts of this hamlet and is very close to the Houblon Arms. You must have faced some problems from time to time if you are a car owner. Have you ever:

• been stranded in the freezing cold by the side of the road at night because the battery died on you?

• faced severe jolting and jerking inside the car every time the car confronted even minor hurdles on the road?

• observed uneven wear and tear of the tyres?

• seen a rapid decline in the mileage delivered?

• Witnessed the instrumentation lights, especially the ABS light, coming in a sudden and unexpected time?

If you have, the odds are that your car needs a more careful and professional inspection. The battery, exhaust, car tyres, suspension, and AC- everything needs attention. Roberts Tyres, a renowned name as far as car servicing is concerned, is ready to help you!

We also sell original equipment for your cars, including tyres Oasby and batteries and have facilities to perform an MOT Oasby.

Moreover, the advice we give is the most vital thing we provide. Our experts provide professional guidance on when and how to service your car, and whether you need a full service or an interim one. Once you log on to our website, you will be able to understand us better. 

You can also come down yourself: we are not too far off from Oasby Mill.