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Roberts Tyres welcomes the citizens of Ruskington to its new car service facility.

At Roberts tyres, we not only service major parts of the car but also sell original car parts like batteries and tyres. We are also proficient at replacing the brakes and the clutches of cars, as they cannot be repaired.

Located not too far away from the arterial B1188, our facility will be able to cater to a large catchment area of customers who have hitherto either been ignored by the large car service providers or have been devoid of good and reliable relief.

We will also be able to cater to customers from Sleaford, Grantham, and Newark.

What do we do?

Roberts Tyres is one of the country’s largest providers of car servicing. We will just list few of the services that we provide:

Wheel alignment and balancing

AC inspection and servicing

Exhaust inspection and servicing

MOT testing

We must emphasise on the last point. As you know, any vehicle above 3 years of age must pass the MOT test. The problem with most car service providers is that they are not properly equipped to prep the car for a Class IV MOT Ruskington.

Roberts Tyres is one of the most reliable MOT service providers. We also store a number of world-class car tyres Ruskington for passenger cars and heavier vehicles. Dunlop, Continental, Nexen, Goodyear- you name it, we stock it.

Visit our website for all the contact details. Our facility is also pretty close to the major landmarks including the Grantham and District Hospital, the railway station, and the Anglican parish church. We are also pretty close to the Shoulder of Mutton Inn on Church Street. Drop in sometime. Perhaps we can be of some service.