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Terms & Conditions

Roberts Tyres Limited is a car garage based in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, the UK and provides car repair services, MOT checks, various forms of servicing besides retailing OEM products and tyres. The registered office of Roberts Tyres Limited is located at “61 N Gate, Sleaford NG34 7BS, the UK.” Customer representatives can be contacted at 01529306669 Monday to Friday from 8 AM through 5.30 PM and 8 AM till 12.30 PM on Saturday.

The following are the terms and conditions that bind the service agreements between Roberts Tyres Limited and its customers.

Please note

From hereafter, the words “we” and “our” refers to Roberts Tyres Limited. “Our website” or “our site” refers to our official website: https://www.robertstyres.co.uk/. “You” refers to our customers who use our website for various purposes.

Kindly go through the terms and conditions mentioned below.

1. Online transactions and pricing

Note that all the prices indicated on this page are in Pounds Sterling. All prices are inclusive of VAT, cost of materials and labour.

Whenever you make a purchase from us or book a specific service, you do not enter into a contractual obligation with us. It is simply an offer for you to use our services or purchase products we retail.

Please note that we can legally terminate or postpone any order or service, even if we have provided an order confirmation. Such cancellations or postponements will only happen if we believe, in good faith, that we will be unable to provide the said service or product. Cancellations and postponements may also occur if said products are out of stock, or if provided information about said products is found to be incorrect/misleading.

Note that we will inform you of any cancellation or delays. We will provide you with an alternative appointment. Should we be unable to find a suitable replacement, we will refund the entire paid amount to you. Please note that we are not liable to compensate our customers in case any loss takes place due to the cancelled appointment.

We will only be responsible for refunding the customer for said cancelled product.

2. Incorrect order/s

Please note that we will not be liable to provide any compensation or damages in case any damage is caused to your vehicle if you buy tyres with incorrect dimensions from our website. Consult your car owner’s manual for details before you place an order. Buying tyres with correct dimensions are your responsibility.

3. Refunds/returns

We are not legally bound to accept returns of OEM components if they have already been fitted to your vehicle. If you noticed the shortcomings of the OEM component after fitment, you must purchase a new replacement. We will send the component to the respective manufacturer for reassessment.

We will refund the price of the component if and only if the OEM confirms that the part is damaged. Please note that our liability of refunds ends with your purchase of the replacement.

4. Missing appointments

We will not be responsible if you miss a pre-scheduled meeting with us. You must bring your vehicle to our garage on time in line with the schedule we described earlier. You may have to reschedule an appointment with us if you fail to show up on time. If you must leave your car with us overnight, you must be at our garage by 9 AM.

Note that we are entirely within our rights to withhold 100% of the MOT costs or 50% of service costs if you have already paid for products purchased.

5. Cancellations and reschedules

You are at liberty to cancel and reschedule an appointment with us, provided you advise us at least two days before your cancellation, and if we can provide an alternate date. In case you have left your vehicle at our garage overnight for repairs and decided cancel and opt out of the service, we shall provide full refunds provided we are yet to start any sessions.

If repair work has commenced already, you must pay a small cancellation fee. For online order cancellations, you must inform us 24 hours in advance of any cancellations to claim a full refund.

6. Estimates

Unless otherwise mentioned, all costs or estimates you see on our website have a validity of 14 days. Post that, they stand invalidated. Labour, material and spare part/s costs will be added to our estimates. If we notice any additional problems with your vehicle after the repair has commenced, you may have to pay other charges. Note that such costs will only be added after you give your consent that will allow us to begin additional repairs.

7. Copyright

All material you see on our website belongs to us, and we hold the Intellectual Property Rights or IPR. You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, or otherwise use the material without prior authorisation from us. You are allowed to copy or store and print any content from our site so long as it is for personal and non-commercial usage.

In case you use our intellectual property for commercial purposes without prior permission, it will be constituted as a copyright infringement, and we shall be legally authorised to act against it. Such actions may include initiating legal proceedings and seek financial compensation.

8. Conduct

Once you submit your vehicle to us for services or repairs, you authorise us to test the same on roads to ensure all damages have been addressed.

Please remove any valuables from your car before you deposit it. We will not be liable for any loss or theft or damage for the same.

Verbal recommendations by our employees do not constitute official communiqué from the management. Oral proposal/s provided and acted upon are not legally binding. We will not be held responsible under such circumstances.

9. Parts

You may inspect all parts that were replaced/repaired provided you notify us of said inspection when you deposit your vehicle. If we do not receive any advance notification, we will treat such replaced/repaired parts as our property and dispose of them by environmental norms laid down by competent authorities.

10. Payments

We accept payments in the forms of cash, debit and credit cards, or any other valid cards. All online purchases must be paid for in advance. Services (including MOT, repairs, vehicle services or hires) can be paid for post facto. If we do not receive any payment, we may claim a general lien on your vehicle.

We will add any garage rent so incurred with the outstanding amount. If the bill stands unpaid three months after services end, we will be within our rights to sell the vehicle.

We shall not be liable to provide you with any prior notification regarding the vehicle’s sale.

11. Guarantees

The manufacturer’s warranty covers all OEM equipment that we sell. You must present an invoice as a proof of purchase if you would like to claim guarantee on a particular product.

Note that guarantee claims may stand rejected on the following grounds:

  • If the concerned product is damaged due to failure to adhere to recommended operating instructions on your side.
  • If theft, natural wear and tear or natural calamities damage said product.
  • If you repair said products from any other garage without our prior written consent.

12. Privacy policy

Kindly refer to our privacy policy page for more details.

13. Governing laws/jurisdiction

All provisions you see on this page adhere to the UK’s laws. The administrative jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales applies under all circumstances unless expressly stated otherwise.

14. Severance

Please note that if any provision or term defined here is deemed or rendered invalid, the nearest item in intent and meaning shall override it. All other terms shall remain the same.

15. Third-party rights

The terms and conditions you see on this page apply to and are enforceable by only you and us. No third-party can enforce additional terms.

16. Third-party websites

This website may on occasion contain links to third-party websites. Please note that such links are only for your reference. We will not be liable to pay for or compensate any damages you might incur when you visit such websites. You are advised to peruse the terms and conditions thoroughly, and privacy policies, of such third-party sites before using their services.

17. Cookies

This website gathers cookies to make your web-viewing experience a better one. In case you decide to opt out, you may opt out.

18. Updates of terms and conditions

All terms and conditions you see on this page may be updated from time to time without prior intimation. Such updates are made to ensure our customers have a better purchase/service experience with us. You are encouraged to visit this page regularly to stay abreast of any changes.

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