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A very wise man once said,” The cars we drive say a lot about us.” How true!

A well-maintained car is a guarantee that you will never face any trouble. It looks good, is easier to drive around in, and does more than merely taking you from point A to B. 

Residents of Wilsford, welcome to Roberts Tyres, one of the leading car service providers in the UK. We are now in your village, not too far off Ermine Street. We specialise in repairing, servicing, and maintaining the general health of cars.

What do we do?

A better question couldn’t have been asked. Roberts Tyres Wilsford provides a lot of services, the entire list of which you will find on our website. A brief list would look something like:

Servicing and repairing any engine malfunctions.

MOT Wilsford and making sure your car passes it.

Replacing crucial parts like the clutch, brakes, and exhaust system when required.

Ensuring that your car’s wheels are properly aligned and balanced.

Testing your car’s battery for any sign of imminent trouble. You can also buy fresh batteries from us.

We have a team of expert technicians who take ample care of both the car and the owner. The best part is, we can now cater to the entire population of nearby villages like Ancaster and North and South Rauceby.

Do come down for a check-up of your car if you like. We are not too far from The Plough Inn and the pizzeria on Main Street. Who knows, maybe our technicians will find something you may have missed!