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Sava tyres: Designed to breathe for years

Tyres have always been an essential requirement for any vehicle to travel from one place to another. It is the most important asset which allows your car to stand in a steady manner. While talking about tyres, Sava tyres in Sleaford is one such brand that gives you the perfect kind of quality that best suits your vehicle. This brand gives your car a posh look at a very reasonable price. The quality of the tyre is remarkable and also is long-lasting. It helps you to have a smooth journey and also gives you a luxurious experience while you travel. 

It is a Slovenian tyre which also deals with other manufacturers who produce rubber related products. Sava tyres came into existence from the year  1998. Shopping for cheap Sava tyres in Sleaford can always be satisfactory if bought from any of the leading online shops and we are one among the well-known online tyre shops in UK. Here, in Sava tyres, the company offers you with 3 different types of car tyres. The quality and the finishing of the tyre differ from each other accordingly. 

1. WINTER TYRES - In this type of tyre, the threads are of high grip and are designed in a way that has power breaking over ice. It is mainly designed for vehicles that travel at an icy place where the weather conditions can come down to less than 7degree  C. The rubber in this kind of tyre comes with great grip and also it does stay soft at the same time.

2. ALL SEASON TYRES - These tyres can be used at any place that is with less of snow. This type of tyre is meant to be used on regions having both warm and cold temperatures.

3. SUMMER TYRES - This kind of tyre can be used in regions where the temperature does not fall below 7degree C.